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Money Origami Dress
Dollar Bill Folding Instructions

Bridal Gown, money gift idea for weddings: How-to give cash the creative way! Easy DIY tutorial for crafting a beautiful bridal gown out of a dollar bill. Gifting this origami dress to the bridal pair will be a hit!

Want to learn how to fold a money origami dress out of a dollar bill (or any other bill)? Let me show you how.

This dress is quick and easy to fold, and can transform a cash gift (or tip) into something creative and memorable. It’s folded from a single bill – the photo below is a one dollar dress. My husband Tobias came up with this particular design so you won’t find it anywhere else.

The money origami dress looks slightly different depending on which face of the bill you use:

Dollar Bill Dress Origami

Got any weddings of friends and family coming up? If they ask for cash gifts (which seems to be increasingly the trend these days) why not fold the money into a bride and groom outfit like this? (Click here for origami shirt and tie instructions .) It might be nice to use a bill slightly more generous than $1 though 🙂

money origami dress and suit shirt and pants

Video Instructions for Money Origami Dress

Click the image below to play the video. If it keeps stopping and starting it might be because you have a slow internet connection – try pausing the video and come back in a few minutes, or skip to the photo instructions below instead.

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Dollar Bill Dress Origami Pictures

Relevant Models for Dollar Bill Dress Origami

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